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-18 years of age with valid State or Federal photo identification.
-For persons under the age of 18 must have NOTARIZED CONSENT from
custodial parent or legal guardian for both tattoos and body piercings.
(Kentucky State Law).

Payment Policy:
My Reality Tattoo Studio currently accepts:
1. Cash
2. Visa, or Master Card

For your and our safety we do not tattoo or pierce:
1. Women who are pregnant
2. Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
3. Jackass'

Appointment Policy:
My Reality Tattoo Studio operates on a walk in or appointment basis. We do
not take appointments over the phone. A minimum (non-refundable) deposit
of $20.00 is required to hold for an appointment and will add towards your
tattoo or body piercing. You must call at least 24hrs in advance to cancel or
change your appointment time or you will forfeit your deposit. If you are late
by 15 minutes you will forfeit your deposit.

Touch Up/Re-Color Policy:
We honor all work for up to one year of receiving tattoo at no additional
charge. Feet and hands are not covered! We only do touch ups Tuesday -
Thursday. (Touch ups are done as a courtesy)

Our studio is equipped with thousands of designs for you to choose from. Or
allow our artists to personally design one for you, this choice usually requires
an appointment and/ or art fee.

You can feel confident and safe getting your tattoo and/or body piercing
knowing that the professionals at My Reality use new sterilized single use

Children are welcome BUT we are not a babysitting service. Please keep
them under control or you will be asked to leave!


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